Best Bath Mats to Keep Your Feet Warm and Comfortable on Cold Tiled Floors

While most bathroom décor is fairly constant – tiles, mirrors, etc. – bath rugs are an accessory that allows you to change things up and have some fun. Of course, they are also practical, providing a non-slip surface when you get out of the bath or shower.
There is an almost endless selection of bath rugs. But what’s good? Plush that will keep your feet warm even on icy days when the tiles can be very cold. The other is absorbent, which will dry your feet and prevent puddles in the bathroom. If you’ve slipped into a wet bathroom after someone’s shower, there’s nothing worse than wet socks.
Like we said, bath rugs are fun. They can add color and texture to your bathroom as well as add a bit of personality if you so desire.
What to look for in a bath rug? Well, having your favorite décor that suits you is always a good start, but we doubt you know that already. Pay attention to good absorbency – thick pads are always a good indicator of good absorbency. Also, those with a non-slip backing are good so they don’t slide around your tub.
You should also check the size of the bath mat. We were struck by the variety of sizes – some huge, some more like a postage stamp. Either way, check it out for your bathroom without looking silly.
We looked at style and content in our tests. What we really want from a bath rug is that it does the job – comfortable and absorbent, yet good looking. We gave extra points to those who washed well (we washed both of them in the machine during our test). The test lasted over a month and we cut about 20 bath mats from two big budget brands to a more wallet-friendly brand. Everyone was treated equally – they thoroughly trampled on a family of five. Here are the ones that can bathe in glory…
Therefore, this bath rug definitely wins for luxury and comfort. This is a whole new level compared to everything we have tried. It feels like the softest down that gently caresses your feet, and when you step on it, it also absorbs moisture very well, because it is made of hydrocotton and dries quickly. We didn’t realize we could be so into bath rugs until we stumbled upon this. This is a more timeless design, but it means you will never get tired of it and it will never go out of style. It is also available in a larger size of 70 cm x 110 cm and three delicate colors.
We were a little skeptical at first about this two-piece bath mat “system” but once we got up on it, we were sold out. The pad of the bath mat (i.e. the bottom layer) provides very luxurious cushioning and is very springy. Dries quickly and eliminates mildew. This is by far the most comfortable bath mat we’ve tried, but at this price point, you’d expect it to be that way.
The bath mat cushion (top layer) is removable and machine washable. They are interchangeable (£90 each if you buy them separately) which means you can change the design – and there are plenty to choose from. We found the bath mat itself to be very absorbent and the perfect size.
Anthropologie, the purveyor of minimalist interiors, presents this nautical-inspired bath rug. Attracting attention in our bathrooms has enough interest without taking up much space. The thick fleece also feels plush. It also provides sufficient absorbency. This doesn’t have a non-slip finish on the back, but we found it didn’t float much on our bathroom floor because it’s big enough to hold itself up.
This bath rug sorry rug is made from 100% bamboo which is antibacterial and super soft as well as more eco-friendly than cotton. We strongly support it for these three reasons. The rug/carpet was thick and we were happy to step on it and wiggle our toes. It also seems to be very durable, so while it doesn’t have a non-slip finish, it won’t move as fast. Bamboo dries quickly too, meaning we didn’t walk for three hours after showering and found it still wet. In addition, the look is sleek and minimal – all that’s going on here is the exquisite weave design. It comes in four shades, so you’re sure to find a shade that suits you.
Bath mat is the answer to bubble wrap. Next takes texture and really works here. The result is a wavy surface that some will like and some will dislike a bit. The whole family loves this rug – it’s fun without being fancy and makes the bathroom more comfortable. It is made from a polyester/cotton blend which affects its absorbency, however it washes well and looks like new after washing. This design is also available in runner, round and square.
We love the fun botanical print and dyed shape of this bath rug. Our fellow testers felt it was “something from their parents’ bathroom from the seventies”. But not all comments are valid, so we ignore useless comments.
We love how it brightens up our bathroom and adds a bit of interest. We also like the irregular shape, which is not typical for bath rugs. The non-slip coating on the back helps keep it in place. However, we found the pile of rugs to be a little flat, so we didn’t have the same luxurious feel as some of the other bath rugs in this review.
This bath rug is really more like a runner because it is very long. We love that it gives us a Greek holiday vibe and while we chose white, it is also available in black and light beige. While the tufted canvas makes for a great look, we’re confident in its absorbency and, of course, more luxurious bath rugs underfoot. However, for a stripped-down bathroom, we thought it was a good choice.
Like everything we’ve tried, this bath rug feels like faux fur. It makes standing very luxurious – and the memory foam helps with that too. If you don’t like the fluffy texture between your toes, you’d better look elsewhere. There’s a non-slip back and an ultra-fresh treatment that is said to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. Of course, it was as fresh as a daisy throughout testing.
For a vertical bath rug, this is great value for money. It’s made from 100% cotton, which means it wicks away moisture very well. We love the waffle texture in the middle with the towel finish, but if that’s not your style, you can flip it over and get the full towel finish. It’s nice to have options, right? This means there is no anti-slip coating, but we don’t think that’s a problem. If you want something more, this bath rug is also available in plus size.
Of course, while choosing the right bath rug depends in part on what works best for your bathroom, there are some ground rules as to what can make or break a particular bath rug.
First, size and shape are important factors to consider. If you have a small bathroom, you don’t need the largest pillow, in which case a round pillow will do. On the other hand, square and rectangular rugs are more suitable for larger bathrooms.
Then, for obvious safety reasons, the pad should not be slippery, and of course you also want it to be absorbent and soft.
The rule of thumb here is to replace your bath rug every two years, however nothing is set in stone and of course it depends on the quality of the rug and how flat it is over time. So maybe it will be replaced soon.
Whether the rug is machine washable or needs to be washed by hand depends on the material of the rug, but it is best to machine wash it. We encourage you to take a quick look at your purchase, as it’s wise to wash pads every 3-7 days and we believe we all want to do as little work as possible.
We think The White Company Bath Mat has the feel of a real home spa – it’s unparalleled in softness and quality. If you’re on a budget below the admittedly rather high price of bath mats, Panda bamboo products are fantastic and eco-friendly.
From hotel-style opulence to nice lint, these are the best bath towels that are super soft and dry quickly.
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Post time: Oct-26-2022
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