• Eight Features of Eco-Friendly Flannel Anti-Slip Jump Game Children Rug

    Eight Features of Eco-Friendly Flannel Anti-Slip Jump Game Children Rug

    Are you looking for an eco-friendly children's rug that is both fun and functional? Look no further than the Hopscotch Game Rug, which boasts eight features that make it a top choice for parents: 1....
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  • Top 10 Benefits of Faux Fur Carpet

    Top 10 Benefits of Faux Fur Carpet

    Are you looking for a way to add warmth and comfort to your home? A faux fur carpet may be the perfect option! Faux fur carpets are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages. He...
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Luxurious and Soft Faux Fur Rug

    Choosing the right rug for your home is crucial as it can affect the overall feel and look of your space. Fortunately, today’s market offers a wide variety of rug options to suit any home decor style, and choosing the perfect luxurious and soft faux fur rug has never been easier! Here are a...
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  • Rugs: soft, stylish and sustainable

    Carpet has been a staple of flooring for centuries, and for good reason. Not only are they soft and comfortable to walk in, but they also bring style and beauty to any space. As consumers become more concerned about sustainability, rugs are now being made using environmentally friendly materials ...
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shaggy Rug for Your Home

    A shaggy rug is a popular home décor addition that instantly adds depth and dimension to any living space. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort to your feet, but they also make beautiful centerpieces for your room. However, choosing the right shaggy rug can be a daunting task, especially w...
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  • how to choose bathroom mat

    When it comes to bathroom rugs , absorbent mats are by far the most practical choice for any home. An absorbent mat is a bath mat designed to absorb moisture from your feet as you step out of the shower or bathtub. Unlike traditional rugs, which can make your floors slippery, absorbent mats can h...
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  • How to Choose Kids Rugs

     Choosing the perfect rug for your child’s bedroom or nursery can be a tricky task. There are many factors to consider such as size, material and design. However, with the right information, you can easily find a rug that not only looks great in your child’s room, but is functional an...
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  • How to Print a Rug: Make a Personalized Printed Rug

    Are you tired of looking for the perfect rug to match your taste and style? Or maybe you want to add a unique touch to your home decor by including a statement rug? Well, you’re in luck, because learning how to print on carpet is easy and fun! First, let’s consider the types of rugs ...
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  • How to Choose a Plush Rug

    How to Choose a Plush Rug

    In recent years, plush rugs have become increasingly popular in home decor. Plush carpet not only provides soft and comfortable feel, but also has functions such as sound insulation and heat preservation, and has attracted more and more attention from people. According to market research, there a...
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  • Benefits of choosing our plush rugs

    Benefits of choosing our plush rugs

    Are you considering a plush rug for your home? Ancheng Senfu Decorative Carpet Co., Ltd. is your best choice. Our soft plush rugs are not only luxuriously comfortable, but also durable. Our plush rugs are made from premium soft faux rabbit fur, creating an unmatched plush feel underfoot. Its exce...
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  • Why choose us for your bath mat needs?

    Choosing the right bath mat can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a comfortable and safe bathroom atmosphere. A quality bath mat prevents slipping, absorbs water, and provides your feet with a comfortable surface to rest on while you dry off. With so many options available, it can ...
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  • 3D Print Tufted Bath Mat

    Features: The bath rugs are designed in romantic sea and beach patterns, with abstract art, cute and fresh, adding vitality to the bathroom. Our bath mat has well-stitched edges that keep the shag from shedding all over your floor or sticking to your wet feet. Size: 15.7*23.6 inch (40*60 cm) / 19...
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