What are the customs of Spring Festival in China

In the Chinese Spring Festival customs are: cooking, cooking sugar, dust, connect the jade emperor, stick door god, stick couplets, Shousui, happy New Year, see Spring Festival Gala, New Year’s money.


Offering sacrifices to the kitchen: In ancient times, people believed that good words spoken by the kitchen God in front of the Jade Emperor would bring happiness to the family and bless the family for the coming year. So every year on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month, every family will worship the kitchen God and ask him to say more good and auspicious words after the last week.

Zaosugar: a kind of maltose, also called sesame sugar, very sticky. The ones that grow into strips are called “Kanto candy” and those that grow into flat circles are called “cantaloupe”. In winter, because the weather is cold, the melon is firm, and there are some tiny bubbles inside. It tastes crisp and sweet with a unique flavor.

Dust: There is a folk saying called “the twelfth month 24 dust sweep house”. After the kitchen sacrifice, we officially began to prepare for the New Year. Cleaning is the year-end cleaning, the north is called “cleaning”, the south is called “dust removal”. It is a traditional custom for Chinese people to sweep the dust before the Spring Festival. On the day of dusting, the whole family starts cleaning the house and yard, washing POTS and pans, removing and washing bedding, and getting clean for the New Year. In fact, people use the homonym of “Chen” and “Chen” to express the will to eliminate the old and the old.

Spring couplets: Spring couplets, also known as “door couplets”, “couplets”, “peach symbols”, is a kind of couplets, because of the Posting during the Spring Festival and named. It describes the background of The Times and expresses good wishes in neat, antithetical, concise and exquisite words, which is a unique literary form in China. During the Spring Festival, whether urban or rural, every household will choose a pair of bright red Spring Festival couplets to stick on the door.

Post time: Jan-17-2023