How to care for your cowhide rug

Do not buy a cow skin rug until you have seen this news and have learnt how to identify good verses bad quality leather.

But anyway, we’re talking about how to take care cowhide rugs today. So, Basically with cowhide rugs, you want to vacuum them, just like you would be harmful, you can also use attachment, it comes on your vacuum to can brush with it, you’re going to probably the best way to get, like dirt and small particles that would just be to go outside, shake it out. And then maybe vacuum whatever loved over. Basically treated like you would and animal. You can brush different particles out.You don’t wanna get it too wet there.So If you’re going, if you spill something on it, or you wanna clean it um you want to take, uh, like a water And so. Pollution, and get your your right very damp, not wet. And you can brush things out that way. you do not want to put it in a wash machine or have it dry, clean. That is a big no, no, sorry.

Any kind of spills, like coffee or red wine.Of course, block those up immediately. You don’t want that to sustain. The actual high in part of the. The rugs want necessarily stay the hair, but you can’t stay in the hide on, like a wider, a cream that’ll show up, Clean it with a soap mouth of a water like a dawn or tie, and something, you know, gentle with the water.

Stains are a big concern.

Use a five percent vinegar in nineties, percent water solution, and that, that balance of ph, backy out on, eliminate the odors for the pet stains, um. If you have been still food or something, if you got it under your breakfast table and you get a little food or something,You know, dried on there. Take the backage of a knife, and you can just kind of scrap that off and then vacuum that mess up.

And also another good thing G Remember, with COWHD drugs, is the traffic pattern that’s gonna be, you know, if you have them in a front door or somewhere, people were walking over it.

From time to time, you want Rose, rotate it. Make sure that the traffic is um, distributed evenly across it, also moving in different areas of. House would be nice to, um, a really cool style right now as layer in cowhas on top of other rugs. So if you have to get your front door and you want a.Working, maybe moving you’re living room, and put it on top of an older drug, and just kind of fresh in the whole space up by doing that. Absolutely, uh, um. Something else we’ve been doing lately is putting using cowhs and aholry and doing os. And chairs and things there, but the cow has so you very first of being around, you can actually put it on an autoant or do something else. I’m cut in the shapes people do around. Cut into round rug underneath the table.Look for a cow skin rug with glossy healthy hair, skins that lay nice and flat and are not curling up at the edges.

Post time: May-06-2022