Carpet as the floor material now, along with the social development, gradually has been accepted by the more commercial sites and civil market and consumption, carpet soft, comfortable and various aspects of performance are also constantly improve and perfect, compared with those of other ground material carpet also has the characteristic of it is more different, give a person a kind of high-grade carpet of environment places, comfortable, warm and quiet feeling, The improvement of carpet production technology gives consumer more choice and experience, from carpet design, color, design, place and so on comprehensive collocation comes out of the effect is very outstanding and obvious. So now every carpet manufacturer and carpet company whether in the hotel carpet, office carpet commercial this piece is constantly improving technology at the same time also in customer-oriented production and design of more carpet products that consumers like. So the problem came, should how to choose and buy satisfactory carpet? Today we will be a comprehensive analysis of carpet material, technology, design points to tell you how to choose a suitable carpet!

Carpet material

Carpet will divide from material pledges, common have wool, mix spin, chemical fiber, jute these 4 kinds of material pledges

  1. Wool carpet

Generally woven with cotton wool as raw material, soft touch, good tensile elasticity, comfortable feet, but the carpet price of this kind of wool material is more expensive

  1. Chemical fiber carpet

Chemical fiber carpet also calls carpet of synthetic fiber, breed is very much, the carpet durability that major is given priority to with nylon carpet weaving nylon is better,bear or bear damage performance is better, hide dirt easily nevertheless, the advantage is the price is cheap


3.Mixed spinning carpet

Mixed spinning carpet with nylon (nylon), polypropylene (polypropylene) and other chemical fibers as raw materials, processing into fiber surface layer and linen bottom suture into carpet, wear resistance is better, but the foot feeling is not so good for wool carpet