The methods of carpet of choose and buy

1. Check the carpet quality test report:senfucarpets

Carpet in the production and processing, carpet back glue in the manufacturing process, such as the use of latex and various kinds of compound inevitably saved some harmful substances in the products, such as: 4 – phenyl formaldehyde, styrene, cyclohexene, etc., used in paving, can bring a certain degree of pollution, to indoor space for children room will bring great influence on children’s health. When carpet of children room of choose and buy so, need to check product quality report, see whether achieve national standard.


2, carefully check the carpet product label

Carpet label is a mandatory standard for light industry. Sells on the market of carpet products must according to the requirements of the standard for carpet label, real annotation: product name, product registered trademarks, carpet carpet, carpet surface fiber name and content of the thickness of the pile, the quality of the product grades, production date, name and address of producer, product special performance requirements of information content and so on. Through the view that marks to label, can have general understanding to carpet quality.


3. Identify the material of the product

To prevent carpet qualitative to cheat, choose pure wool carpet especially when, must identify carpet qualitative above all. General method is taken from carpet a few woolen thread, after lighting, the odour that the burning situation and gives out is identified. When pure wool burns, there is no flame, smoke, bubbling, smelly, ashes are mostly black solid with a shiny finger gently pressed to break.

4. Check the appearance quality of the carpet

When consumer is choosing carpet, whether the blanket face that should check carpet level off, blanket edge is flat, have blemish, smeary spot, chromatic difference. Especially when carpet of tufted velvet of choose and buy, should check blanket back whether to have take off line, ooze glue to wait for a phenomenon, avoid carpet to appear in laying use drum, unequal phenomenon, and lose comfortable, beautiful effect.


5. Other quality inspection

Check whether the carpet feels comfortable; Check velvet density, usable hand goes touching carpet, the velvet quality of its product is high, density of blanket face is plump, such carpet elasticity is good, bear or endure trample, bear or endure wear away, comfortable and durable; Check the color fastness of carpet, when choosing carpet, usable hand or test cloth is rubbed repeatedly on the carpet several times, see whether its hand or test cloth stick to have color, if stick to have color, the color fastness of this product is not good; Check carpet back line peel off strength, usable hand tear bottom cloth gently tear, see the degree of stick relay, if stick relay is not tall, bottom cloth and blanket body are easy to depart, such carpet is not durable.

Post time: Jun-30-2022
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