What material is suitable for bathroom mat

Choose the diatom mud cushion, pay attention to the soft cushion, not the hard cushion, diatom mud cushion is more soft and comfortable than the hard cushion, better care, more durable, but the water absorption is not worse than the hard cushion, is now a popular material in the market.


The main features are three:

(1) water absorption is instant dry, wet feet step on the quick dry, the water stains on the floor mat quickly disappear, frequent access to the bathroom is not afraid of the floor mat water and the bathroom door becomes wet.


(2) Strong resistance to slip, skid resistance is much better than ordinary bathroom floor mat, can be close to the floor mat does not slide, stick to the wall will not fall off, more comfortable to use, more suitable for the bathroom this wet and watery space.


(3) Moisture-proof and mildew proof, the floor mat is densely covered with micro-pores, so the speed of water absorption and evaporation is very fast, no water naturally causes bacteria and dust mites, and there is no villous, you can scrub, that is, wash and dry is very convenient, regular cleaning is conducive to keep the floor mat clean and tidy.


Last but not the sun!! Whether it is diatom mud hard pad or soft pad can not be, if necessary, put in a ventilated place to dry.


Post time: Dec-20-2022