• How to Choose a Plush Rug

    How to Choose a Plush Rug

    In recent years, plush rugs have become increasingly popular in home decor. Plush carpet not only provides soft and comfortable feel, but also has functions such as sound insulation and heat preservation, and has attracted more and more attention from people. According to market research, there a...
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  • Benefits of choosing our plush rugs

    Benefits of choosing our plush rugs

    Are you considering a plush rug for your home? Ancheng Senfu Decorative Carpet Co., Ltd. is your best choice. Our soft plush rugs are not only luxuriously comfortable, but also durable. Our plush rugs are made from premium soft faux rabbit fur, creating an unmatched plush feel underfoot. Its exce...
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  • Why choose us for your bath mat needs?

    Choosing the right bath mat can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a comfortable and safe bathroom atmosphere. A quality bath mat prevents slipping, absorbs water, and provides your feet with a comfortable surface to rest on while you dry off. With so many options available, it can ...
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  • 3D Print Tufted Bath Mat

    Features: The bath rugs are designed in romantic sea and beach patterns, with abstract art, cute and fresh, adding vitality to the bathroom. Our bath mat has well-stitched edges that keep the shag from shedding all over your floor or sticking to your wet feet. Size: 15.7*23.6 inch (40*60 cm) / 19...
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  • SENFU Memory Foam Tatami Rug

    Extra Thick Carpet: The filling adopts superior sponge with a thickness of 20MM or 30MM.  thick area rug helps ease the pain of our toddler falling down, suitable for your kids crawling and play.The carpet is breathable and comfortable, Non-Irritation to the Skin, and No Fade. Non-slip Design pre...
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  • How to clean the diatom mud bath mat

    How to clean the diatom mud bath mat

    With the development of The Times, people in the decoration process more and more attention to environmental protection, in the selection of materials will consider more comprehensive, such as diatom mud, it is currently more people use a kind of material, relatively speaking is more environmenta...
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  • What are the customs of Spring Festival in China

    In the Chinese Spring Festival customs are: cooking, cooking sugar, dust, connect the jade emperor, stick door god, stick couplets, Shousui, happy New Year, see Spring Festival Gala, New Year’s money.   Offering sacrifices to the kitchen: In ancient times, people believed that good words sp...
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  • How often should you clean carpet?

    How often should you clean the shower mats in front of your showers, better known as shower rugs, how often are you supposed to clean those? Before you answer that, let’s take a look inside the shower, and if this is what you’re standing on when you get out of the shower and you step ...
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  • What material is suitable for bathroom mat

    Choose the diatom mud cushion, pay attention to the soft cushion, not the hard cushion, diatom mud cushion is more soft and comfortable than the hard cushion, better care, more durable, but the water absorption is not worse than the hard cushion, is now a popular material in the market. The main...
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  • New Arrivals of bath mat

    Tufted bath mat Printed memory foam bathroom mat Diatom mud bath mat
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  • Why choose a bathroom mat set

    Bathroom rug set.This is a value set of three bathroom rug featuring small, large and thick mats. The mats are pretty soft, and plus, for a comfortable experience, they feature 100% micro fiber, making user feel like stepping on cloud.The super comfortable and velvet fib...
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  • What is tufted carpet ?What are the advantages and disadvantages of tufted carpet?

    There are many kinds of carpet, tufted carpet may be used by some friends, but some friends are not very familiar with it, the following Senfu to introduce what is tufted rug? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tufted rug?  1, what is tufted rug in the fabric base cloth with a needle m...
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